Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gothic Ruffle Side Cardigan

I had this old cardigan that was originally to big. So then I sized it down, only to size it too small. So now it was time to get creative with how to make it fit.
Mine was originally too long so I marked with tailors chalk where I wanted to cut it off. Then I removed the excess fabric.
After removing the excess fabric I folded my sweater so my side seams met up and marked a half circle shape.
Cut out your half circle.
Using the pieces you just cut out make templates for your side pannels. I decided to make mine in a vibrant red. I cut mine out larger than the original so that I had more stretch.
I then took the fabric I had originally cut off from the bottom and cut strips to make a "ruffle". I pinned and sewed the ruffle onto my side pannels.
Carefully pin your side pannel into place- make sure you pinned it correctly before you sew.
It should look like this once you've sewn it into place.
 Finish by hemming the bottom and you're done!


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