Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year!

And a few changes. Hopefully all for the better.

The past few years my boyfriend has given me great Christmas gifts of sewing machines and sergers that really helped with making new tutorials and such. This year he got me an awesome laptop complete with webcam and all the other special trimmings. This will make things way more convenient for me as I was previously using my parent's computer and now I don't have to wait around to post things I'm doing.

I also updated my cell phone into this century and am now using a new iphone 4. Just the 4- no S. But that's ok. I am hoping I'll be able to use it to take pictures and upload them straight to my blog of anything I see that inspires me what not.

I'm hoping for my birthday I'll get a new digital camera as my current one (which is really only a year old) has a vendor defect and the battery case keeps popping open which makes taking pictures difficult.

I also got more organized this year with this awesome new shelf that is already packed full of my fabric stash!

I love being more organized and I'm hopeing that once I find homes for all of my other stuff that I will have a lot more room for crafting. I also got my first rotery cutter in my stocking this year!

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  1. That's a great way to organize your fabric stash! After using that rotary cutter you won't want to go back to scissors. Your hands will appreciate it it too... especially when cutting through thick fabric. (^_^) Happy New Year!