Saturday, July 16, 2011

Feather Headband Tutorial

Make your own pretty feather headband.

Today's Insipration is this--

Oh well, here we go- it's pretty easy, takes about 10 minutes and is so pretty you'll want to wear it as soon as possible.

What You'll Need-

1 colored ostrich feather.
1 like colored ribbon
1 hot glue gun
2 broaches or other decorative jewelry.
1 pair of scissors.
1 bottle of fray check or a lighter.

Start by heating up your hot glue gun.

Cut your ribbon long enough that you can tie it around your head and treat the end of your ribbon with either fray check or by burning it.

Next clip off the end of your feather.

Mark the center of your ribbon to use as a reference later.

Glue a bead of glue along the quill of your feather gluing about halfway down the length of your feather.

Press your ribbon down the first half of your ribbon and then glue down the second half. Be careful that none of your feathers get caught in the glue.

Next glue your choice of decorations on top of the feather.

To curl your feathers- grab a small secon of the feathers with your hand and using a pair of scissors run your scissors over the feathers like you would to curl a ribbon. For full details I will provide this video link;

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