Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diy Sweater Shorts Tutorial

Start with a sweater that is too big for you- something with a pattern or texture to it is best as it's way more fun!

Next get a pair of shorts or pants that you can slip on and off without any elastic or buttons or zippers or anything.

Fold them in half and lay them on your sweater so that the inseam is in the center.

Trace around your shorts and cut out the pattern. Use the first piece you cut out and use it to cut out the second piece. You should have two pieces like this.

Open up your two pieces so that they look like this and sew down the curve line.

If you don't have a serger use a straight stitch, then interlock your seams using a zig zag stitch along the edge. Remember that the thicker your fabric is the longer your stitch length should be.

Next sew your legs shut- start at the center crotch and work to the end.

Cut out two rectangle pieces the width of your shorts by 4 inches. Sew the two pieces together. (This will be your waist band)

Fold your tube in half width-wise and sew to your shorts.

And you're done!