Saturday, February 12, 2011

DiY 3D Valentine's Day Card

I loved the idea of doing something 3D or pop out for my boyfriend for Valentine's day. It's no lie that 3D has been huge lately- especially this past year and I can't tell you how many 3D movies my boyfriend and I have seen (I'm pretty sure just about all of them have been). That being said- this was a frusterating project for me. I did it 3 times before I got it right! Let me save you the trouble I went through by telling you that less is more when it comes to the glue department and if you have double stick tape use it!

I also included the video I learned this from- it moves pretty quickly so I recommend watching it and then go back and follow the written instructions I put down to make it easier for you to follow.

You Will Need

Paper Scissors
Double Sided Tape

To make your flowers you'll need about 4 sheets of the paper of your choice.

Fold your paper in half and cut down the center line you just created!

Take one half of your pieces and fold it in half length wise.

Then fold it in half length wise again.

Take one corner and fold it in towards the center fold.

Turn your paper around and fold the other corner to the center fold.

Next take one of your flaps and fold it away from the center fold.

Next take your scissors and cut a curve along the fold you just made.

Unfold your last fold and continue to cut your curve using your fold as a pattern.

This is what you should have when finished cutting.

Open up your folds and you should have the start of your flower.

Cut out one of the petals of your flower.

If you like you can color or decorate your flowers now.

X marks the spot where you should put a dab of glue or what I found works best- a small piece of double stick tape (I used the kind you get for scrapbooking)

Glue or tape your flower together so you have six petals.

Repeat that process until you have 7 flowers!

Take your first flower and place your tape or glue where the 3 X's are marked.

Cover your left X with another flower like shown.

Repeat on the right side.

The two flowers you just placed down should have tape on the places that are marked as well.

Place a 4th flower on the center top so it should cover 3 of your Xs. That center flower should also have Xs on all 3 petals.

Cover the left side with a flower the same as you had before.

Repeat on the right side.

Place your final flower on top.

You should have a fan-like shape.

Next get your card ready.

Next place your a piece of tape on the very center petal. Its very important you do not tape anywhere but where I have indicated on all the flowers!

Place inside your card and close your card pressing down where your tape is. Repeat on the other side.

Open up your card and you should have a 3D bouquet of flowers!

Decorate the outside of your card with a favorite photo of you and your valentine and glue two ribbons on the outside to tie your card shut!

Before I end my post I want to share with you the new craft site I have recently joined! I know many of you have found me on Threadbanger or Cut out and Keep- now you can also find me on The Hive!

Check it out! I am still new and learning all of the features- but it seems to be a site that helps promote craft bloggers and allows you to import your blog onto the site.

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  1. i love valentines day expeshily making the cards