Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trendy 90s Toys I Had

Oh yea- this will be a fun walk down memory lane.

The Giga Pet came out in 1997 and these things were so popular everyone had one- including your mom! You clipped these suckers onto your belt loop and took them everywhere with you. Before cell phones were banned in schools- these suckers were. I think I had about a half dozen of these little suckers and I was a constant care giver.

The Troll Doll first started its run in 1963 but it didn't hit its most popular period until the early 1990s. I had a ton of these suckers and I loved them to death. The big market for them was that if you rubbed their little rhinestone belly button and made a wish it would come true. And despite the huge collection I had, Jake Chastain still never noticed me!

Furbys are remembered as one of the most annoying toy from the 90s- in fact, more people are likely to remember a furby before anything else from the 90s. These suckers came out in 1998 and everyone had to have them. I had two- one that went crazy on me and a second one. One was white and one was black but don't ask me which one went crazy.

Lisa Frank started out as a pop artist in 1979 but she was so cool in the 90s. All the cool girls had Lisa Frank stickers, trapper keepers, pencils and folders. I still get all gooey inside whenever I see a Lisa Frank sticker collection. FYI I totally had both of these folders back in 3rd grade!

Of course Ty Beanie Babies were huge in the 90s also but I have to admit- it was my mum who got into those and not me. She still has a huge collection of them in her closet- but she realizes they aren't worth anything now adays so she lets my nieces play with them when they come over.


  1. the trolls always scared me -- they still do.

  2. people are so funny, aren't they?
    merry christmas!