Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DiY Owl Sleep Mask

This is a super easy sleep mask. It shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes to make. Eventually I'll get around to making a more difficult version but until then, I hope you enjoy this one.

Start with making your pattern. I used an old eye mask I already had laying around and added 3 points to the top. Mine was about 7.5 inches by 3.25 inches wide.

Cut out your pattern using two different colored pieces of fleece. Be sure to cut seam allowance.

Next cut out two white circles and two smaller black ones out of felt.

Sew the black circles onto the white ones by hand- I used a large needle and yarn.

Next sew your eyes onto the top layer of your mask.

You can use elastic to fit your mask around your face but I'm going to use ribbon. To best do this cut two small pieces of ribbon that you can fold in half to make loops.

Pin your pieces wrong sides together. Be sure to also pin your ribbons or elastic on the inside (the purple pins are where my ribbon is pinned) Sew around being sure to leave an opening to turn your mask right side out.

Cut small slits at the corners between your points and turn right side out.

Sew a top stitch around your mask closing the small gap you left open.

Sew the middle point down.

Thread ribbon through your loops so you can easily secure your mask on while sleeping and you are done!


  1. This is awesome... really like this :)

  2. that looks a lot like the mask i've been selling in my shop

    lol, good job i like your version too..