Friday, September 17, 2010

Gaudy Rose Shoes

I love shoes. Shoes are my major fetish in life.So I love the idea that I can take some really old... like from 8 years ago shoes and turn them into something new.So I have to admit, these shoes I made are pretty horrible and something you'd probably only wear in extreme moments but I love em anyway so here we go.

Inspiration shoes (way cuter than mine but oh well)

So here are the shoes I started out with. Pretty horrible right?

So you're going to need, fabric roses, ribbon, lace, a glue gun, needle and thread and of course your shoes.

You're going to start by gluing your first layer of lace down. Like so;

Repeat with a second layer of lace.

Next try your shoes on and decide how long you will need to cut your ribbon. Make sure to give extra length to sew your ribbon around your strap. Burn or fray check the ends of your ribbon so that you don't have to deal with fraying. Then sew your ribbon on your straps.

Ok now try your shoes on again and make sure you have as much ribbon as you need. I had a little more so I cut off the extra. I then glued down the strap to the center of my shoe.

Last I trimmed any excess stem from my roses and hot glued them on my ribbon and voila!

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