Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Aim To Be Creative

So my boyfriend has been traveling around the United States training for his new job. He was previously in Davenport, IA small town OOO-S-A. He would come back on the weekends as long as the weather permitted and the weekend before the week of Christmas he was in town. On his last day in town we went out to breakfast and then he took me to work. While he was driving me to work he brought up the subject of my getting a new job- I hated my job and wanted to look for a new one when he came back into town- he asked me why I didn't quit now and go travel with him while he's training. I was sort of blown away since it really wasn't something I had thought of before, I told him I'd think about and went into work.

After I got clocked into work I went up to one of my co-workers who wasn't really a co-worker because he was outsourced from another company to work with ours, totally besides the point. I started to talk to him about Josh's crazy plan and Joe said I was to smart to be working where I was and that I should go for it. Well I decided I would and went to my desk where I saw Josh had called me after dropping me off. I went out into the break room and called him back and he said, "I've been thinking about it and I think you should quit now and leave with me today," I was pretty floored but he talked about how we never did anything crazy and that we've never allowed ourselves to get caught up in the moment and we need to live our lives and it all sounded so wonderful that I marched right into my bosses office in the middle of a meeting with all of my bosses and told them I was quitting and leaving right away. Needless to say my bosses were all blown away.

So we cut to today-- currently Josh is in North Carolina, I opted to stay home because he'd only be there for 2 weeks and would only have 1 day off and in retrospect it was a good idea because they have him working really long hours. But the best thing is that ever since I left my job it completely cleared up my creative block. I'm writing and sewing and coloring and keeping myself so busy I don't know where to begin. I feel really inspired and for the first time I feel capable of doing whatever I want. My goal is to start on a small t-shirt line and with a bit of luck have a bunch of t-shirts to sell come craft show season at the local high schools.

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